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Hello everyone! The holidays are finally here! Everyone has been waiting for the holiday season and it is finally here. It is the time of year when you spend time and money on your family but forget about yourself. What better time to think of updating your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends and vintage accessories than during the holidays where you stand to enjoy any offers from different stores? If you are up for it, online shopping is the way to go. You do not have to spend hours without end browsing from vintage shop in Regina to the next looking for fashion accessories or clothing. With online shopping, you can shop from the comfort of your own home in Regina. I know you are thinking amazing, and it is. In this post we have compiled some tips and tricks that you could use when buying clothing online. Whether it is women's fashion or men's fashion, these tricks will come in handy.

You must know your size

When shopping online, you do not have the luxury of dashing into the nearest changing room and fitting the vintage dress that is to die for. That is the downside of shopping online, but there is always a way around it. Know your measurements! If you know your measurements you will save yourself from feelings of hurt and disappointment when your newest vintage addition to the wardrobe does not fit. For those who do not know their measurements by heart, you can always drop by your nearest tailor in Regina and get it done. It is not enough that you know your measurements but you also need to keep them up to date. You could have probably lost some weight and your measurements have changed.

Check the sizing chart

For those of you who have purchased clothing items online especially dresses this might seem as a no brainer but it has to be stressed. Many people will skip through the chart and directly to checking out. Looking at the sizing chart and finding your measurements should be your first step before checking out any clothing item. With this simple trick, you will not have to guess if an item is too large or not. Another point to add is that some of the websites out there will give you the size of vintage clothing that the model is wearing. This will give you a general idea of how the cloth will fit you.

What is the fabric?

Never buy clothes online unless you know the fabric that has been used. In fashion just as size is important so is the feel of the fabric. There is no worse feeling than getting a dress that you thought would look amazing on you only to find out that the fabric feels like sand paper against your skin. Since you cannot touch the fabric here is a great idea to use the next time you shop for clothes and accessories online. Go through your closet and find clothes that you not only love, but also feel comfortable. Do the same for clothes that are uncomfortable. Then familiarize yourself with the fabric content. Note their material compositions and use this as a reference when shopping online. By doing so, once you find a lovely item but you hate the fabric you can pass and not take a chance on it.

Shopping online whether for clothing or accessories can give you a rush that you quickly learn to love. At Le Voila Boutique, we do not want you to fall in this trap that most people have found themselves in. Follow the above tricks and you will definitely enjoy shopping online and updating your wardrobe with the latest accessories without having to step foot in the streets of Regina. For those who are a little old fashioned and love the thrill of visiting the shop, visit our shop in Regina.

Le Voila Boutique carries unique women's and men's vintage clothing and accessories located in Regina, SK.